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Unbiased, Fair & Independent

Our goal is to keep you happy as a customer for years to come by treating you like our families. We do this by giving you the support you need in the times you need it most. Additionally we will never try to sell you anything we don’t actually think you need or could use. We are independent so we do not work as an employee for any of the insurance companies. This allows us to find you the best policy given your personal situation across all our company partners.  

24x7 Support

Life does not take a day off and neither do we.

Options for any need

We have over 14K policy options at our disposal to help you and your family.

Services we provide

Insurance Solutions

We offer products from multiple areas. Some of the options we are are Life, Health, Telehealth & Supplemental plans. We also have niche and specialty products that we can help you with. 


Everyone needs life insurance and we want to make the process simple for you.

Supplemental Plans

Supplemental options for almost every situation.


Health insurance can be a complicated choice. Let us handle the hassle for you.

Unbiased & non captive

How Independent Agents Work For you

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Insurance Made Simple

We take on all the hassle so you can enjoy life. 

Experienced Agents

Our agents are experienced in multiple areas of the field.

Client First Mentality

We are here for you when life is the hardest. 

Midwest Presence

Focused on Kansas and Missouri Clients. 

About the company

Our Story

After working in multiple areas of the insurance industry and realizing how predatory it can be we wanted a change. That is when we decided to go independent to offer unbiased, informed and a non pushy environment for our clients. 

  • Experienced Team
  • Online Insurance Assistance
  • Insurance Coverage For Every Need

Companies we work with

Insurance Partners


What our Customers say

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Ane Marie Doe

Policy Evaluation With No Strings Attached

Daniel Ditsch

Senior Insurance Broker
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