About Us

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Your Future is Protected

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What we are all about

Company Values


We try to take the complications out of insurance for you.


We will never attempt to oversell or put you in a product does not work for you.


We utilize a peer review of our process to ensure the best service available. 

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Our Key Numbers

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Insurance Partners


Support availability


Policy Options


Dedication to you

Leading Partners

We work with the largest & best companies in the market.

Financial Advising

Insurance should be part of your financial plan and we help with that.

Midwest Focus

We try to keep it simple. We focus on our mid west clients so we don't loose focus.

Online Assistance

We offer online assistance to help with your life on the go.

24x7 Support

Life does not take a break and we will be here when it hits.

Best Agents

Your interests come first and foremost. We only have you and your family in mind.

Who are we?

Our Team

Insurance Broker - founder

Daniel spent years in corporate security & investigations before moving over to insurance. He believes in a no nonsense approach to the industry and prides himself in being able to help nearly every client.

Operations Manager

Elizabeth has over 14 years of experience in nonprofit administration, and has served as the Managing Editor for the CGSC Foundation Press since 2015. Elizabeth has extensive experience in publications, development, and community relations

Talk to an Insurance Agent

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